FORT+ solves the need for a Marketing Director
RESULT: Monthly page views up 700%


Customers served!


Years of experience

Organic Search Impressions

Customers served!


Years of experience

Monthly Page Views

Customers served!

100000 %

Years of experience

LinkedIn Audience Growth


Sockeye Consulting is a rapidly growing Sage Partner operating in the Construction and Real Estate Space. After 15 years in business, their success is attributed to an outstanding product coupled with top-of-the-line customer service and a modernized business model. Potential new clients come in steadily because they have found a niche where they excel and their clients are quick to pass along recommendations. But word of mouth can only do so much, and as they look to the future, they realized it was time to put real efforts into marketing.

However, hiring their first Marketing Director posed more problems than solutions.

How does a company hire one person to cover all the components needed to make an impact in their industry? How can one person bring the best of creative, online advertising, web design, analytics, SEO, content marketing and social presence?

The bottom line: they can’t.


Collaborative Advantage

“We decided to work with FORT instead of hiring an FTE/Marketing director,” says Nick Brorson, Founder and CEO of Sockeye Consulting. “FORT could offer Sockeye so much more than one individual. FORT is like an extension of our company - a whole marketing department!”

Networked Proficiency

FORT provides access and connections to a wide range of vetted freelance experts (copywriters, programmers, media placement, digital experts, designers, etc.) and it’s included in their monthly fee. “If we had hired a marketing director in-house, we would have had to depend on that person finding these experts and then pay them on top of their salary.”


With consistent, targeted content being produced, FORT gives Sockeye’s sales team what they need to keep making contact. “We have vertical specific materials we’re able to share with prospects that speak directly to their industry. This helps move them down the funnel and Sockeye into their consideration set,” says Nick.

And the numbers speak for themselves:

Monthly users on the website are up 500%
Monthly page views are up 700%
LinkedIn engagement is up 50%
Average LinkedIn Post Link Clicks are up  74%

And Sockeye employees have a newfound sense of pride in the company for which they work. “Because of the materials FORT publishes on our behalf, our team is proud to work at Sockeye. Our employees consistently comment that they’re proud to see their work shared on social platforms and complement the polish FORT has brought to our owned channels/materials.”


We use the hub and spoke model as a not-so-secret weapon for boosting SEO rankings. It also ensures that we get every drop of potential out of each content piece that we create. This strategy not only helps us use our resources smartly but also makes sure we're chatting with our audience in a consistent way, no matter where they hang out, while still giving them the special tweaks they prefer.

While this approach has proven results, it requires a wide variety of skillsets including: copywriting, SEO strategy, graphic design, animation, web development, data analysis, social media strategy and project management. Our clients have opted against hiring all of these roles in-house and, instead, work with our team to make it happen.

Why It Works

  • Highly specialized writers and creative strategy
  • Intelligent web design, updated weekly to align with current strategies
  • Consistent, creative approach to SEO
  • Asset strategy that supports sales 
  • A nimble, fast-moving team that drives marketing initiatives
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Nick Brorson

CEO, Sockeye

“We love that we can depend on FORT for large strategic projects with complex working parts – but the team also comes through when we need last-minute items or quick-turn materials.”

Sage Partner Marketing Case Study PDF

FORT+ Case Study: SOCKEYE Consulting

FORT+ solves the need for a Marketing Director
RESULT: Monthly page views up 700%

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